May7, 2013

*    May 7:

v SOL Testing is under way and we will be testing every day from now until the 31st of May.


v PTO has placed Shelor “Growing the Future”: envelopes in your mailbox. Please send these to the office when students return them and we will place them in PTO box.


v We will have Popcorn two more times for this school year; May 10th and May 24th


*    May 7th & 8th:

v PALS Testing – First Grade


*    May 8th:

v Nurses Appreciation Day


v Staff Appreciation / PTO will provide barbecue with sides


*    May 12th:



*    May 13th:

v Bus Meeting @ 2:00



*    May 14-15:

v PALS Testing – Kindergarten



*    May 21st:

v Field Trip – First Grade to VT Entomology Lab – 8:35 / 2:30



*    May 22nd:

v Field Trip - Kindergarten to NRV SuperBowl and Caboose Park



*    May 24th:

v ALL library books are due back May 24th.



*    May 27th:

v Memorial Day Holiday



*    May 29th:

v John F. Kennedy’s Birthday


v Eaton – Kindergarten Play / 1:00



*    May 30th:


v Porter – Kindergarten Play / 1:00



*    May 31st:

v Field Trip – 5th Grade to Tazewell – 8:35 / 2:45


v Lowry – Kindergarten Play / 1:00


*    June 4th:

v End of 6 weeks


v Field Day / 2nd grade Soccer Field (am)


vGraduation / 7th Grade – 6:00


*    June 5th:

v Field Day Kindergarten





*    June 7th:

v Last day of school J


v NHS Graduation @7:00pm



*    June 8th:

v GHS Graduation @ 10:00am


*    Joys & Concerns:


*    Quote of the day:   “Don’t forget that a single sentence spoken at the right moment can change somebody’s whole perspective on life. A little encouragement can go a long, long way.”