Macy Students Return to School!

Macy McClaugherty


As our summer months begin to fade, and autumn quickly approaches, we are ready and we anxiously await the arrival of our students on August 26th.


We have received SOL scores back from our spring testing and we are excited and encouraged with the progress our students have made this past school year.†† We know our students will return with a rejuvenated spirit and desire to continue progressing academically and socially.


We have added some new faces to our Macy staff who will continue the strong Macy tradition of developing our young minds of the future.Our custodial and maintenance staff has been working hard all summer to make sure our classrooms are ready for the arrival of our Macy students.We have shining floors, newly painted walls and an excited staff awaiting the arrival of our wonderful children.


Get ready for another exciting year at MMS!!!!August 26th will be here soon, and our teachers and staff canít wait to see those wonderful, smiling faces.


Seeing you soon,



Jared A. Rader


Macy McClaugherty School