7th Grade Graduation Photo Galleries

The photo galleries for Macy 7th Grade Graduation are now available!
There are two separate galleries for the graduation photos. Although the photos in each gallery look the same, the settings for each gallery are different so please see the following information below.
High-Resolution gallery (good for PRINTS):
Low-Resolution gallery (good to post online on social media, websites, etc.):
Each link has whether it's HighRes or LowRes (at the end of the link).
To log in to each gallery, you just need to enter your email address.
The password is Macy (same password for each gallery).
Once in the gallery, you can click the button at the top of the gallery page that says "Download All". This step will send ALL of the images to your email address. Then you just open/unzip the file and save the images to your computer/hard drive/USB, etc.
If you would like to download one picture at a time, there is a "Download" button under each individual photo. Just click that and you'll be able to save the image to your phone or computer.
** Images can be saved to both a phone or computer BUT the images have better quality if saved to a computer!
Downloads are all FREE and are unlimited in the number you can download. You can also forward the link (or copy and paste the link) and send it to your family and friends, if they'd like to view the gallery and download images, as well.
There is also an option to ORDER/PURCHASE any of the photos in the gallery. By ordering an image, you will receive the image in PRINTED form (instead of just a download on the phone or computer). Just click "Buy Photo" under each individual photo and you'll be walked through the steps on how to purchase prints. There are many different sizes and options available. These will be printed by a professional photo lab and shipped to your home address.
Thanks so much and congratulations to all of the Macy graduates!
Please contact Jamie Bunker with any questions!